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Each week, you will learn new ways to amplify your voice, increase your impact, and inspire the world. You are a once-in-a-lifetime cosmic creation and your voice deserves and needs to be heard. How will you amplify your voice today?

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Apr 25, 2022

Welcome to Amplify!. As a special 4-part series during April and May of 2022, we are re-releasing some of our favorite episodes from our companion microcast, Cosmic Revolution with Karen Curry Parker. If you enjoy these episodes, make sure to subscribe and follow Cosmic Revolution on your favorite podcasting platform to hear all the past episodes from Karen and to be notified when new episodes release.


Click here to be taken to the Cosmic Revolution show page or see at the end of the show notes for links to all major platforms!


We’ll be back at the end of May 2022 with new episodes of Amplify! and Cosmic Revolution with Karen Curry Parker!





What’s rarer than the hope diamond? More precious than any gem?


We truly are standing on the very edge of a Creative Revolution. 

You play a vital role in this revolution.  Your own personal healing of your internal sense of your worth is THE MOST important thing you can do to heal the planet right now.  When you do that, everything that emanates from you will be sustainable and influential on a deep level.

The planets, and the world, and the universe, and your divine siblings have their “hands” on your back.  They are pushing you into a curriculum of healing that will transform your life and the world.

You deserve it.

I’m humbled to be on the planet with you, dear Cosmic Revolutionary, at this very pivotal time.


To find out more about how to continue your dreams and make a difference in your world, visit Karen Curry Parker at


You are a once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event.

  • Karen Curry Parker


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