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Mar 14, 2022

What do we do as creatives when the world feels like it’s falling apart? 

When children need to be rescued and fed? 

When brave people take to the streets to fight for their precious freedom in the face of an onslaught by a bully?


It’s easy to feel discouraged and disheartened during times when it looks like the world is headed in a direction that seems so counter to what our Hearts know as truth. 

I want my own world to stop along with the world of the Ukrainians - a sort of collective, empathic, breath-holding… I want the world I imagine in my morning hours - a world of equitable, just, abundant, and sustainable peace - to be a part of the current reality of the world, RIGHT NOW…

But how do we win wars, feed children, build a free world, and tackle the challenges facing humanity today? 

Innovation begins with metaphors, dreams, and stories that invite us to ask the question, “What else is possible?” 

The seemingly impossible always starts first with a dream - an imagining…


Art changes the world. 


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Produced by Number Three Productions,